Therapy Services

Individual Therapy

Meetings are confidential, in a nonjudgmental office setting. Together we will design a plan to assist you with your goals, whether they are for improving self esteem or decreasing symptoms leading to discomfort.   

Couples & Family Therapy

Family situations can be tough. Together we will work towards better communication and building trust. Through meetings we will develop a plan to help restore health within the family.

Adolescents & Emerging Adults

Teenage and early adulthood can be a trying time. With the assistance of therapy services we can develop a way to communicate and explore in a healthy manner. Goals and achievable steps are worked on through a safe environment.

EMDR-Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy

EMDR therapy is an evidenced based practice that allows individuals to reprocess experiences or traumas that have occurred.  What this means, is that there are situations or incidents that have occurred that can become stuck or are not fully processed in our mind.  These incidents can often resurface and bring discomfort.  If you have lived through a difficult experience, where you notice yourself reliving or easily feeling as if you are there again, that is an unprocessed memory.  In other words, the fight, flight or freeze response is stuck on repeat in your body and mind.  With the use of EMDR, I will be able to help guide you through reprocessing of difficult or troubling events and aid you in seeing these events as being in the past and not harmful—changing the fight, flight and freeze feelings.  

EMDR is useful for several mental health needs, such as PTSD, anxiety, depression and grief/loss. If you are interested in learning more, please contact me for more information.   

Individual Therapy

Deciding to call a therapist or start therapy can feel overwhelming and maybe a little scary.  During the initial consult we will spend time getting to know each other.  We will briefly discuss what is bringing you to explore therapy.  Questions are welcome.  This is a safe place for you to seek and find a therapist that feels good for you.

What to expect during your first session.  It’s alright to be a nervous.  It’s a difficult concept to meet someone new and discuss situations and feelings that are driving you to find help.  We will work together to explore what is causing discomfort, and begin working on skills to help reduce distress.  We will implement a plan to help you reduce these uncomfortable areas and build skills to increase relief.